Wot perfect replays explained by Pawel

One of our regular customer send us often his stories about replays of battles. We'd like to share it with you as it might be interesting for some of you, tank freaks and lovers. Share your opinion with us. We definitely have more stories like this.

"Good morning,

I sent you a little token of my gratitude, and here is the explanation.

M46 KR on Lakeville - at the end of the game the player and friendly Type 59 were left against Mutz and AMX 50 100.  The player pushed through the middle towards enemy cap, peeked and blind-fired behind a rock at the edge of the map.  And just like that they were left against a lonely Mutz - if I figure out how to record it, I'll put it up on YT for you to enjoy, I watched it several times =).

M46 KR on Winterberg - perfect example of what I call "riding a knife edge".  Tier 8 tank in a tier 10 battle - the player found perfect balance between staying safe and being in a position to shoot.  He did not attack at the outset - there was too much risk considering his tier - but he kept closely behind his "bigger" teammates; I can do this - maybe not as well, but sometimes I can.  The player however perfectly recognized when to push Tier 9 TD (dealing a lot of damage to it) and then a Tier 10 TD (same).  This I can't do - never, ever (not successfully, anyway).  And I bet the player doesn't even remember this game.  There were no brilliant moves here, no flashy manouvers, no lightning-fast reflexes on display - just following perfectly flow of the game and being where he was the most effective at the right moment.

Mutz on Sacred Valley - this is an example of what I'd call "where do I go now".  And this is not about opening of the game - but the middle, or even "late middle".  The player is in an MT, and towards the middle / end of the game, has to decide "where do I go now"?  In this case, he perfectly picked the flank to attack, which allowed his team to win by capping - even though the other flank fell and the enemy team had an advantage.  But enemy heavies couldn't get back to reset in time.  I can see myself going in the other direction, which would have lost us the game.

WZ-111 on Tundra - solo attack along 1 line, tying several enemy HTs and TDs.  A lot of HEAT used, but that allowed the player to not waste shots and deal damage.  Very cautious attack, but quick at the same time - if that makes sense =).

M46 KR on Erlenberg - "nothing game".  The player fired at one tank, backed off, then fired at another, then moved and shot at another one - rinse and repeat throughout the game.  When it was over, the player had top damage and I have no idea how he did it - even though I watched the replay...

Rudy on Westfield - one of the games I call an "impressive loss".  It's one of those games where the player quickly recognized his flank falling, relocated, did a ton of damage and was close to winning it.  In the end enemy TDs and a very good FV304 were too much to overcome.  Still - 2712 damage, 6 kills, 1163 XP; the most (by far) on either side...

T37 on Cliff.  This was a bit unfair, in that there was only 1 tier 7 tank on each side.  For a tier 6 LT, there can be no better MM.  Still, the player very nicely kept sniping at the enemy, then outplayed an Easy 8 1-on-1, and would have earned Pool's medal, if not for a trigger-happy KV-1S.  I liked that the player did not ask to leave him the kill - I never would.  To me it's an honorary Pool's medal =).

Special mention for not team-killing a very angry IS-6 when playing IS-2 on Mines.  Not sure what upset the IS-6, but he pushed the player off the hill at one point.  The player did not shoot the IS-6, which under the circumstances would be understandable.  This also reminds me of a game in Panter 8.8 on Cliff (long time ago), where an LT (maybe LTTB?) pushed the player off the lighthouse hill - on purpose.  Luckily the player did not slide all the way down, and could keep shooting the enemy from above.  But I would have reported that LT.

Anyway - thank you for letting me watch these.


Thank you Paul for great feedback! We really appreciate it.

mytando Team