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The following is a collection of questions our customers have had in the past. Please look through the previously posted questions to see if your question has already been answered. If however you do not find a suitable answer, we would be happy to answer your individual inquiry.

Who are we?

I myself work full time and i am a father who unfortunately only has a limited amount of time for my hobby-military vehicles. In 2011 I began playing the game World of Tanks. Quickly, I realized that acquiring advanced and interesting tanks required investing large amounts of time. This was however not an option for me with career and family. That was when I discovered the dedicated player concept. I had my dedicated player to play the least favorite and most time consuming stages of the game- normally the collection and development of new tanks or completing tedious missions. Now, I am able to play the truly most enjoyable moments of the game.

Who is the dedicated player?

Your dedicated player is a professional player who has been offering these services for several years. Your dedicated player is one of the best WOT players with advanced skills. There are only very few players who are single-handedly able to unlock the Obj 260 within ten days or receive three ranks on any one tank within two days. And that without mods, additional players, or other sources of help.

How can I be sure my account will be used appropriately?

Your dedicated player has several years of experience offering these services. Additionally, the player is contractually bound according to current German law. The service functions much like hiring someone to take your car to the garage for an inspection. The mechanic only makes the necessary repairs that were previously agreed to.

Is this this site illegal? How does EULA apply?

No. The site complies with current German law and this has been confirmed for the site itself as well as for its content by a legal attorney's office specialized in Internet law. We would like to make our customers aware of the extensive information available on the Internet and the possibility of consulting an attorney when it comes to special application of EULA in Germany. We ourselves cannot offer any legal consultation or advice.

Is my password secure? Can it be stolen on-line?

Your password is not transmitted via the Internet. We establish a mobile phone number in order to send a temporary password via SMS to your dedicated player. The password is then displayed on a non-Internet enabled mobile phone and is only viewed by your dedicated player.

Which Mods does my dedicated player use on my account?

Your dedicated player never plays with any game modifications (mods). As a professional player at the ESL-Gold level, one cannot afford to play on a modified gaming client. The mandatory use of the ESL wire anti-cheat program rules out any manipulation. For more information click here.

Can I simultaneously play on my account? What are the rules for playing simultaneously?

Simultaneous play on your account is not possible. This also applies to all “World-Of” products. To help facilitate our services, please submit exact playing times. Your dedicated player will strictly adhere to these times. If it becomes necessary to change these times, please inform us and we will immediately make the necessary corrections.

How are issues pertaining to privacy dealt with?

We are well aware of the need to protect sensitive user data. In addition to adhering to the legal requirements stipulated by German privacy laws (BDSG), we pledge to take additional steps to ensure absolute confidentiality.

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