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Mastery Badge: Ace Tanker

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Mastery Badge: Ace Tanker - top award for displaying mastery in controlling a specific armored vehicle.

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Incl. 19% Tax

Service include following objectives / delivery:

  • Ace tanker (Master) badge on choosen tank
  • Credit insurance optional
  • WN8: ab. 3.000
  • Win-Rate: ca. 60%
  • Bonus: crew experience, free experience, Panzer experience, medals and awards, Personal missions


  • Your WoT password will be transmitted separately from all other data via SMS directly to your dedicated player
  • Your WoT email address will be requested during ordering in the encrypted area
  • The data transfer is also encrypted via SSL Gold Certificate
  • The ordered service is managed from Frankfurt am Main, Germany (German IP address)
  • Important: During the delivery of this service, the tank may not be played


  • Full researched Tank (elite status / all modules are explored)
  • Premium account
  • sufficient Credits
  • min. 100 Gold
  • min. 100% crew with 100% 2. Perk / Skill (Sixth Sense must have!)
  • Your dedicated player may adjust equipment for Gold
  • Your dedicated player may adjust Skills / Perks for Gold


  • Vehicle type - standard tank: all tanks that are explored in the game and purchased for credits. These tanks are at least four weeks ago available within the game
  • Vehicle type - premium tank: all tanks, which can be purchased to explore in the game without gold or Premium Shop the games provider. These tanks are at least four weeks ago available within the game
  • Vehicle type - special tank: are action or Reward tanks that are to get in the game for certain achievements. These include, for example, all mission tanks, such as the Object 260 and the Clan Wars Reward tanks, such as the IS-5 or M60. These tanks are at least four weeks ago available within the game
  • Credit insurance: The optional credit insurance your credit portfolio remains untouched. Of course, your sponsored player needs high amounts of silver, often up to 3-5 million to e.g. unlock three success marks on an E-100 or Obj.260. When you select this option, your sponsored player will enter the consumed quantities of silver with a premium tank again, thus eliminating the annoying Farm-round for yourself. At the same time, you benefit from additional experience (tanks and occupation), awards, possibly solving missions and the strong WN8 boost
  • Hardship case: Unfortunately, the expense for this service is non-linear. For the tanks of tiers 1-3 and in a few exceptional cases, the expenses scatters very strong. In this case we would ask you to contact us before your order for individual conditions.

Legal information:

  • All digital content are the intellectual property of the respective game provider. We ourselves are not entitled to the ownership of enabled digital content (virtulle goods) and can therefore make no transfer of ownership to the customer. The customer acquires only our playing-time in the game to unlock the digital content offered. The owner remains the relevant game provider with all the ensuing legal consequences.
  • We explicitly point out that some games carriers block third party access to the game account of the customer in their Terms and possibly threaten various sanctions as a consequence. Even if the probability is very low that sanctions are imposed, we exclude any liability for the measures / actions of the game operators. This applies even if the measures due to the offered services. If the gaming operator against the customer due to the previous transaction to impose sanctions (eg, a blocking of the account, change the game account information, etc.), we will refund the customer the purchase price paid without deductions. Further customer claims do not exist in this case.
  • We accept no warning without prior contact. We have no intention of violating the rights of third parties, even negligently. But in the event of such disputes or competition or similar problems, we ask you to avoid unnecessary litigation and thereby unnecessary costs on both sides, immediately contact us. We will immediately have your objection check and this then, where justified, immediately leave. The cost of your legal notices without prior contact with us, we will therefore reject in terms of loss mitigation on your part as unfounded.
  • All logos, images and graphics of third parties are the property of their respective owners and are under the copyright of the licensor. All our page photos, logos, texts, images, scripts and programming routines that are developed in the company or have been rehashed by, may not be reproduced without their consent or otherwise used.
  • Bonus services are provided by best of our's ability, without any charge and can not be guaranteed
Lieferzeit According to complexity (1-3 days)

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