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StuG IV: personal missions

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T28 Concept: personal missions

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T 55A: personal missions

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Object 260: personal missions

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Personal missions in the World of Tanks are special missions that are not related to any other special or event and can be done by each player individually or in the platoon.

The personal campaign currently includes 4 operations, which contain 5 branches per operation and require a particular type of vehicle to complete the missions. It meens that series for light tanks can only be completed with light tanks. The five rows are designed for the following vehicle types: light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, tank destroyer and self-propelled vehicles.


An operation must be completed before the next operation can be started. The following vehicles are awarded as main rewards for the completion of operations: StuG IV, T28 Concept, T-55a and Object 260.


In addition to the vehicles mentioned, there is also a highly qualified female crew member for the completion of a complete series of operations. These tank drivers have a 100% training level and a special advantage of "sister of steel". This property is equal to the "brothers in arms" property of male crewmembers. Similar to the "brothers in arm" skill, all crew members must have this property so that this skill works.


The difficulty of individual missions grows from operation to operation. If the missions for the first operation were relatively easy to complete, the missions in the next operations already require the right vehicle, a lot of time, professional gameplay and some luck.

At, you can acquire the necessary playing time and the professionalism to successfully complete the operations and get the above-mentioned premium tanks. A professional player will do the desired missions in WoT quickly and reliably. As a bonus there are usually still crew experience, free experience, medals, awards and often even the "master-tanker" badge.