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Object 260: personal missions

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• Whether single mission or even the complete mission tank, MYTANDO helps you - without exasperation or loss of time •

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Service include following objectives / delivery:

Solution of personal missions in the game World of Tanks to unlock the premium tank level 10 USSR Object 260 according to the customer configuration

  • Single missions
  • Mission lines from 1st to 15th mission
  • Quick unlock the entire mission tank by four mission lines
  • Last Missions (#15) incl. secondary condition
  • Replays and Screenshots
  • WN8: Great or more
  • WN8-Boost optional
  • Credit insurance optional
  • Bonus: crew experience, free experience, tank experience, medals and awards 


  • Your WoT password will be transmitted separately from all other data via SMS directly to your dedicated player
  • Your WoT email address will be requested during ordering in the encrypted area
  • The data transfer is also encrypted via SSL Gold Certificate
  • The ordered service is managed from Frankfurt am Main, Germany (German IP address)
  • Important: During the delivery of this service, the tank may not be played


  • premium account
  • sufficient Credits
  • min. 2.500 Gold 
  • min. 100% crew with 100% 2. Perk / Skill (Sixth Sense must have)
  • Your dedicated player may adjust equipment for Gold
  • Your dedicated player may adjust Skills / Perks for Gold
  • optimal heavy tanks: u.a. KV-2, FCM 50t, VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B, E-100, MAUS ec
  • optimal light tanks: T-54 ltwt., T71, AMX 13 90, RU 251 ec
  • optimal medium tanks: Cromwell, E-50, T 54 sowie fast alle Tier 10 MP
  • optimal tank destroyer: E 25, Jagdtiger, WT-Reihe ec
  • optimal self-propelled gun: FV304, M44, M40/M43, Conqueror Gun Carriage oder T92 ec

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