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How it works

Purchase Procedure & Processing

  1. Select a product and or service on
  2. Place the selected article in the shopping cart.
  3. Payment can be made with one of the available payment options.
  4. After your transaction is complete, you will receive confirmation of your purchase as well as any additional information pertaining to your order.
  5. Your purchased item or service will be sent/available to you within the indicated delivery/processing time.
  6. You look forward to our safe, secure, quick and comfortable processing and we look forward to your feedback.

Bonus Code Specifics

  1. Unless otherwise indicated in the article description, bonus codes will automatically be sent via email within hours after confirmation of payment has been received. In most cases codes will be delivered within a matter of minutes after your order has been placed.
  2. Frequent customers who have already made purchases must not repeat the identification confirmation process and will normally receive the bonus codes shortly after purchase confirmation.
  3. To activate the bonus codes please follow our instructions here.

Dedicated Player Booking Specifics

  1. After ordering, you will receive purchase confirmation along with an email address and an exclusive SMS-enabled telephone number.
  2. You then send your WoT email address to this email address with your order number in the reference line. Please indicate in the body of the email the possible playing schedule for your surrogate player.
  3. Send your order number and your WoT password via SMS to the indicated telephone number.
  4. You will receive confirmation after your purchased service has been fulfilled within the designated processing time.
  5. Optionally, you can also coordinate special playing times with your surrogate player via Doodle.

Team Play Service Purchase Specifics

  1. After purchase you will receive, in addition to your oder confirmation, a Doodle link.
  2. Please then enter the suitable appointments.
  3. You will receive confirmation via email (Outlook appointment entry) a suitable appointment.
  4. You then meet team players at the agreed time in an exclusive TeamSpeak
  5. Alternatively, the communication can take place via Skype.